Caring For Your Silver Jewellery

Caring for your Silver Jewellery

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Caring for your jewellery

Who doesn’t love silver? So beautiful, so elegant, designed to last a lifetime. So how do you keep your silver jewellery looking it’s best? Well with proper care you can keep your jewellery in great condition for generations to come…

Silver tarnishes naturally due to oxygen, so it is important to wear your jewellery often to keep it polished naturally. Wearing silver jewellery helps to remove the tarnish as your skin’s oils help to protect the jewellery.

Make sure you store your silver jewellery properly. Silver jewellery is best kept well away from any bright lights & should be stored in a dark, lined jewellery box with the anti-tarnish tab I provide with all my pieces of jewellery.

Some chemicals, including chlorine, hairspray, make up, moisturiser & perfume can accelerate the tarnishing so always remove your silver jewellery before bathing or swimming & try to apply perfumes or make up before adorning your favourite jewellery.

Silver is a soft metal so try & protect your jewellery from knocks or scratches…. Although a good jeweller will be able to buff these out for you if need be.

Regularly polish your silver rings, bangles & necklaces using a special silver polishing cloth… all my pieces of jewellery are supplied with a polishing cloth to keep your silver jewellery looking at it’s best. Do not use tissue papers or towels as these can actually mark the silver! If a piece has been specially oxidised then take care to buff around these spots so as not to damage the finish.

It’s easier to prevent tarnish from happening that to remove it later on, so make sure you  care for your silver well to save you heartache in the long run.

I always recommend removing your rings before carrying out household chores, and always remove your jewellery before bed.

Happy Polishing!



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